Are batteries worth it?

This depends on why you are buying a battery. You could be wanting to save money, reduce your lasting footprint on this plant or both but this is the most valuable thing to know now and will save you a lot of tension later on down the track.

If you are just wanting to save money, which we all should be doing anyway, then you also need to work out how long you are prepared to pay it back for. Another term thrown around is Return on Investment (ROI) or simple payback is another favourite of companies because these matrices take the initial cost of your system including installation and minuses the expects savings you will make over a time frame, normally a year. So if the system costs you $5,000 and you save $2,000 per year then the simple payback is $5,000 divided by $2,000 = 2.5 years (because that is the time frame we used for savings.

Here is a spreadsheet showing the savings and potential payback for a common battery and solar system through Sunfarmers Solar. (coming soon)

If you want to reduce your carbon footprint then warranties may be what you are considering most because you want a system to produce you energy for a longtime to come. most warranties are 10 years long but some come in at 12 years with options to purchase extensions.