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Stop Buying Bigger Systems

Updated: Jun 9

What is happening on with solar sales teams? Companies are really showing their form by the sales tactics they use. [They] are continually teaching this rubbish about why they started. They began a solar business to give people a better option, so they say. But then they still expect higher prices and try to get you to believe that they cost more because they really are here to help.

When Kane Winther first started in solar the terrain was full of people exiting the insulation rebate program and looking for their next big thing. The climate suddenly becomes their vehicle. They are business people and not climate change heroes. Many have jumped onto the band wagon and charged a hell of a lot for something that is meant to reduce their energy spend. Paybacks for peoples solar was up around the 9 year mark. Now it is around the 1.5 year mark.

Solar does not need to be as expensive as it is. It CAN be they money saving ticket that people expect.

The rules in SA have changed to have a Relevant Agent. Someone who can control your system when delegated to. This is meant to be able to increase capacity on the grid. Problem is people are just buying larger systems. This defeats the purpose.

It us our responsibility to educate the clients that buying more than you need could back fire. You can end up having a system producing too much energy but then you need to pay to export the excess energy back into the grid. Fancy that.

Read more about the Relevant Agent program there at SAPN

By Kane Winther

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