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Could Householders be charged for Exporting Excess Energy

Updated: Jun 9

The ABC has ran a story about how if the AMEC has its proposals accepted then the demand for solar could drop off dramatically.

Instead of simply saving money, which is how solar was touted in the beginning, the is a huge push by some solar companies to sell more solar than the client needs. The client does not win in this scenario because they are relying on the income from exporting excess energy back into the grid. SAPN have always stated that the reason to buy solar is to save money and not expect higher returns for flooding the grid with excess energy. This would be good if the Grid can take that increase of energy going the wrong way.

The Grid has been designed to have energy going one way - out. Now with the huge uptake in solar there is more and more gong back into he grid. This is haveing a damaging effect t on the grid's poles and wires. The answer - have the poles and wires upgraded and have the companies pay for it and not have it passed onto the consumer. This should already have been done. There has been time and resources to upgrade the network so the onus of responsibility shoulf=d fall to the comapnmaies managing the network.

By Kane Winther

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